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Cloud Services

Cloud-based computing. Simplified.

When you do business in the cloud, it’s important to stay grounded in a secure, highly redundant, yet flexible cloud-based computing infrastructure. But cloud computing companies also walk the tightrope of giving their customers the high performance infrastructure resources and the availability they demand while trying to balance cost, connectivity, and scalability as you expand into new services and markets. And do you choose a public, private, or hybrid cloud for your business or a combination? You also need to decide if outsourcing the management of your OS and database aligns with your chosen cloud environment. One slip up and the promise of cloud-based computing can come crashing down.

But not with Cosentry.

Cosentry is your trusted partner in managed services for cloud-based computing. Operating as an extension of your IT team, we simplify the cloud for companies that leverage the cloud for ecommerce and other Software-as-a-Service applications that want to expand their infrastructure beyond their existing data centers. But Cosentry’s expertise goes far beyond the cloud. Because we can meet all of your IT infrastructure requirements – from colocation to IaaS, managed services, and consulting – Cosentry can solve your cloud-based computing and managed OS and database outsourcing challenges – and be the safety net you need when navigating the fine line of building a cloud infrastructure. In essence, our team becomes your “cloud of people” working 24/7 to make cloud computing right for your business.

Why Cosentry for cloud computing companies

Cosentry is different because we are problem solvers with deep expertise in managed services, not just providers of colocation. We provide unmatched client support, depth and breadth of engineering resources, and a service model built upon our “customer first” core value.

What about reliability and security? Cosentry has you covered there, too. Cosentry Cloud Services are designed from the ground up with stringent redundancy and security hardening specifications at every level. Our Cloud Services help organizations reduce infrastructure expenses, provide a more secure operating environment, and create better working processes and collaboration. We don’t tie you down to a specific cloud solution either. We work with industry leading hardware and software technologies as the foundation of our enterprise-class services for cloud-based computing. But we can also provide hybrid cloud solutions and compliant cloud solutions in which our highly experienced technicians are responsible for not only managing your environment but also for compliance certification, so you can stay focused on your application and your customers.

Enterprise-class infrastructure. Customer-focused collaboration. No hidden costs. That’s the Cosentry difference. Talk to us. We’ll listen.