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Managed Services

Free up your IT resources for core projects that make your business grow. Let the Cosentry Managed Services team take over the  management of your operating systems, applications, and databases. Your IT people will thank you for it, and our people will step up to the plate as a trusted extension of your home team to take care of these necessary, but non-mission critical tasks. Cosentry stands apart as a managed services provider who stays accountable throughout the entire scope of our services with our customers – through industry leading SLAs and a decade-plus long track record of retaining loyal and satisfied customers.

We’re ready to manage all or any of your OS, application, and database tasks.

Our Managed Services offering encompasses a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Installation and configuration of server OS, database engine, reporting services and integration services
  • Installation and configuration of database management tools (SSMS)
  • Instance configuration including RAM and CPU
  • Configuration of the storage system
  • Data migration assistance
  • Monitoring setup
  • Test failover for clustering, availability groups
  • Configuration and scheduling of backups
  • Creation of the users/groups required for the service
  • Application of patches
  • Creation of the Cosentry management users and groups
  • Configuration of network interfaces and connectivity
  • Installation and configuration of applicable Cosentry Management tools related to:
    • Monitoring
    • Configuration management
    • Backups
    • Patch Management
    • Documentation of the server
  • Security policy definition and implementation
  • Initial tuning of the service
  • Documentation of the service
  • Monitoring setup
  • Configuration management agent setup

Backed by the depth and breadth of our team’s technical expertise, Cosentry Managed Services covers the most comprehensive selection of service offerings. And there’s more. Ask us about our additional managed services for managed security and disaster recovery.